„Below ground“ in the Mining Museum Bochum

    Guests of the acora Hotel and Living reach the German Mining Museum (DBM) Bochum with a few minutes walk. The DBM welcomes the visitors in large entrance hall with an immediate focus onto the world of mining „below the ground“ in the Ruhr area.
    The giant headframe – technically the transportation tower – was not always at this place but it was moved in 1973 from its original location at the coal mine Germania in Dortmund to the DBM. Since that time the tower has become one of the major landmarks of Bochum with its phantastic view over the city and the surrounding landscape.

    The German Mining Museum Bochum (DBM) exposes a comprehensive view into world-wide mining efforts for all mineral deposits from ancient prehistoric times until today. The musuem does not only display technical instruments but also exposes minerals and historical artifacts in its unique collection. The German Mining Museum is the most important mining musuem in the world and an renowned research institute for mining history. The permanent expositions and the original mine in the depth opens up an unexpected view into the world of mining. In addition the transportation tower offers a spectacular view over Bochum and the Ruhr area.

    Visitors can participate in a guided tour through the mine which has been reconstructed for demonstration and learn about the techniques of the coal mining business in the Ruhr area tha twent out of business years ago.
    The latest highlight is a virtual lift into a simulated depth of 1.200 meters with the simulator of the transportation lift. Similar to a flight simulator the reality is augmented by physical and optical effects to create the impression of a real drive down into the depths. A realistic view into an unkown and impressing world that shaped the industrial heritage of the Ruhr area.

    Over the roof top of Bochum houses the view stretches to the headframe of the DBM from the topmost floor of the acora Hotels and Living.

    More informations on the German Mining Museum can be found here: bergbau-museum-schriftzug

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