Bochum Reloaded – City Informations

    A foreign visitor of the city of Bochum needs some more city informations in order to develop of an appreciation of Bochum because the city does not reveal its hidden qualities at the first glance. The development of the city of Bochum went along in parallel to the German industrial heritage and history which was dominated in the western part by the Ruhr area with coal mining and steel production industries.

    The urban life of an industrial city is created by a lively downtown area which is surrounded by factory plants and production buildings. Bochum is not an exception to that rule but exemplifies that creative power of classical industrial strcutures. One of the prevailing advantages of these types of cities was the economic power and capabilities of its inhabitants which is directly reflected by the cultural institutions and commercial merchandise. The interested visitor can stroll through downtown with is numerous shopping opportunities and discover the history of the city at the same time.

    The city of Bochum integrates multi-cultural scociety driven by permanent change. Those who are willing to dive into the life of Bochum can observe an industrial city with both feet in the past and in the presence at the same time. The future must always be captured as the struggle with Opel and Nokia has demonstrated. The inhabitants still have a invincible trust and self-confidence that is needed to make it through the years.

    Maybe this is one of the reasons why soccer plays such a dominant role in the ruhr area – the roaring stadiums serve as a valve for the enforced change in the social structures. In the same way the cultural achievements are promoted with a critical flavor as a reaction against resignation and indifference. Not without a cause is the Theatre of Bochum a stage for engaged and experimental theatre work in the republic.

    A comprehensive overview regarding the activities in the city of Bochum is conveyed by the tourist organisation, the Bochum Tourism Information.


    The title foto shows the plaza in front of the main station and comes from the archive of the city of Bochum.